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Welcome to Vapin in the Valley.

A Safer and Healthier Alternative to Cigarette and Carcinogenic smoking.

Tired of standing out in the Rain while your non smoking friends are inside laughing it up and having a great time. Want a safer indoor alternative to smoking to keep your family out of Risk. Don't Feel singled out when you go out with your Non Smoking friends at the Bars and Restaurants, use this Safer, healthier and Cleaner alternative, and in almost all cases be able to smoke inside.

Avoid, second hand smoke, Dirty Ash, and the smell of Cigarettes, Start smoking a E-Cig today.

Great products at a Great price. Honest, Safe and reliable for all your vapin needs!

We're here to help with your first or next E-Cig. We only sell the Products that WE use and are very passionate about. We love helping People find the right product and Flavors, at the right price.

Come join us in the new way of Safe, enjoyable alternative to Cigarette, Cigar and Pipe smoking.